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Welcome to challenge_the, The Challenge, a choose your own challenge multi-fandom writing adventure. The rules of the community are below, please read them before signing up with a claim and beginning.

But first, what is challenge_the about? This is a community where you get to decide how brave you want to be. There are five levels to this challenge, as detailed below. You choose your level, and (depending on that level) you pick your prompts from the list found here. When you post your claim, please post a link to your table.

Level One - Alpha ;; Choose 10 themes from any 1 table.
Level Two - Beta ;; Choose 25 themes from any 1 table.
Level Three - Epsilon ;; Choose 50 themes from any 1 table.
Level Four - Zeta ;; Choose 100 themes from any 1 table.
Level Five - Omega ;; Complete an entire 200 themes from any 1 table.
Level Five Point One - Omega.01 ;; Complete 200 themes, no more than 67 prompts drawn from each table.

- - -

* You must be 17 years of age or older to write/post/read R and NC-17 rated fiction.
* All types of writing (real person, original, fanfiction of every variety) are welcome and appreciated equally here.
* No slander of any type will be put up with.
* No plagiarism. This is basis for banning from the community.
* Please mark all NC-17 and R rated material. We appreciate a rating on everything, but there it is required.
* Also put warnings for things like character death, slash/femmeslash, intense drug usage, suicide/cutting, and anything else that you think someone might want warned that is coming.
* Mark all spoilers (use your discretion to what a spoiler is still; ex. an episode of LOST that aired last week is still a spoiler, while an anime like Sailor Moon has no more spoilers).

Please see the FAQ for more information.

Credit for the basic idea of this community goes to sm_challenge. I thought that a general fandom challenge of a similiar (but not the same) premise was due.

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